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Nove Colli


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Dear Cycling Friends,
Welcome to this 41st edition of the Nove Colli Gran Fondo.
On 22nd May 2011 at 6 in the morning, 12000 participants will come together on the start line to take on a new adventure up and down the hills of the famous Nove Colli (nine hills). Some for healthy competitiveness, some to put themselves to the test, trying to win their own personal challenge with themselves (or with their friends), in twelve thousand, that morning, will flood the roads of our very own beautiful region of Romagna, all for their passion for cycling.
That same passion that has brought us to become promoters, together with the organizers of the Maratona dell Dolomiti, Granfondo Sportful, Granfondo Pinarello and Granfondo Felice Gimondi, of the Five Stars League, of putting the participant, cycle tourist or amateur cyclist, driven by their pure desire to have fun, at the centre of the entire event and leaving out those who interpret cycling from a dishonest and unfair point of view.
In this context, it is also particularly relevant what this sport represents, i.e. an activity with zero impact on the environment and also seen from this angle, particular attention is paid to nature, with the activation of 'ecozones' in order to prevent incorrect behaviour which could cause pollution.
With this in mind, we are sure that the 41st edition of the Nove Colli Granfondo will be yet another success for G.C. Fausto Coppi and the entire organisation , since we know that we can count on the collaboration of those who are the first to make this day special, those who will be crowding along the start line on the 22nd May.

Alessandro Spada
President of the G.C. Fausto Coppi


Wheels, pinions, handlebars, saddles, frames, tires, climbs, descents, sweat and efforts: this is Nove Colli.

You are the protagonists, the fantastic 12000 champions that every year face the roughness of the route for different goals, but with just one big dream: to take part to the celebration. Yes, because Nove Colli is a celebration for everybody. For “Riviera Romagnola”, for riders, for their parents and their helpers, for the organizing body, all joined together in passion. And what a passion! The same passion that brings you to wake up at dawn and start with a fizzy air, that forces you to grit your teeth and suffer during the climbs; the same passion that, when you fall down, pushes you to rise again, mount in the saddle and push in the pedal more than ever.
Only due to this passion we wait for you in Cesenatico on Sunday 19th, May 2013.
The show will start at 6 am, in the Leonardesco harbor.
…and celebration of bikes and cycling will be!

G.C. Fausto Coppi President
Alessandro Spada