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Nove Colli - Selle Italia news

02 March 2018

Live broadcast of the Nove Colli - Selle Italia on channel Rai 3

The Nove Colli - Selle Italia has reached its 48th edition, and in 2018 it will once again be broadcast live on Rai 3.

After last year’s success, the oldest Granfondo in the world is returning with a live broadcast covering all the action of the race: commentary from the newsroom, clips on the background of the Nove Colli - Selle Italia event, highlights of the Cesenatico territory and its environs, cultural features of Romagna and focus on the phenomenon of cycling in general.

Nazareno Balani, an old-school director of the Giro d’Italia, is a confirmed consultant, while the well-known journalist Gianfranco Benincasa will cover all the action from the field. Many guests from the cycling sphere will be present in the studio, and for the first time ever a special station will be set up on the famous Barbotto hill to provide live coverage of the celebrations and excitement as the riders make it up the climb.

“The fact that RAI 3 is reconfirming its live broadcast is proof of the great work we did last year, when we provided a first class televised event,” says the President Alessandro Spada. “It’s a reward for our efforts that motivates us to do even more for the next edition. We got a lot of great, positive feedback after 2017’s broadcast, and I can’t deny that this is what really drives the administrative committee, which works hard every day out of sheer passion and shares a love of our territory.”