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20 May 2018

2018 Nove Colli - Selle Italia: solidarity above all wins

  • The Dream Team succeeds in its work and donates 20,000
  • Spanish mountain biker Aviles wins the short course. Lancioni triumphs among women.
  • Pozzetto conquers the Granfondo. Parente the Pink version.
  • President Spada dreams of a mini Nove Colli with 12,000 children


Hot temperature, but not too much with a little humidity, clear skies and 12 thousand cyclists, 52 nations, 205 kilometres, and much passion. A perfect day marked by goodwill and parties. The Nove Colli Festival, as someone called it, is so catchy that that the organising committee is seriously considering name change.


In the morning, Mario Cipollini kicked off the festival. The Lion King, based on his past experienced here, wished all the participants good luck. He continued with the Dream Team of champions, who had launched their initiative of racing 130km to help paediatric oncology. Seven men, all with different professional achievements, rode in solidarity: Ivan Basso, Joaquím 'Purito' Rodriguez, Mauro Gianetti, European Cycling Union (UEC) President Rocco Cattaneo, Olympic champion Yuri Chechi, Antonio Rossi, and Cristian Zorzi. The first four began to conquer the four-hour mark when Ivan Basso, who punctured, had to pull out. And since the time was taken on the fourth finisher, Chechi relaunched himself to take the place of the two-time winner of the Giro d'Italia. Doing so, they were able to donate 20,000 euros to the pediatric oncology of Rimini. Their time was nine minutes over than the time limit, but their smiles faded briefly because the organising committee decided regardless to donate the whole amount.


Spaniard Oliver Aviles, a former MTB world champion in Livigno 2006, won the short course by a handful of seconds over a small group that he was part of. Aviles, arrived in Romagna in the company of Purito Rodriguez, in the official kit of Nove Colli - Selle Italia 2018. He said, "I took advantage of my skills as a mountain biker and bike control in a couple of corners. This win is beautiful. Honestly, I had not come to Italy with these ambitions, but the day was too good not to enjoy. I do not train so much on the road, but I still ride a lot on fat tires, and that is obviously it is enough."


For the first time in the long distance, Trieste rider Federico Pozzetto celebrated. Born in 1990, he used to compete: "I cannot believe I won the Nove Colli - Selle Italia, I'm so happy. Last year, in my first participation, I had to abandon my goals due to a puncture. This year everything went in the right direction. In the end, I tried not to waste energy. I dedicate this success to my wife and my little one."


Barbara Lancioni's victory in the women's 130: "La Nove Colli - Selle Italia is always a great emotion. I've been participating for many years, but I've always taken the long route. This year I decided to do the medium route, but I still worked hard. Winning is always nice, even if the long one gives another kind of emotion because the 205km are obviously more demanding. The race as always is perfectly organised, this year I enjoyed the whole event. It's a great sporting party to share with your friends ".


Simona Parente took the Granfondo Rosa: "It was a very exciting race. A unique atmosphere with the many participants, the public along the climbs and the fantastic organisation. The first 120km, I made a really strong race, but I was dropped mid-way. I recovered in the finale. Amazing. I really hope to come back!"


President Alessandro Spada: "I am satisfied, a perfect day from all points of view. Every year, we raise the bar and every year we go higher. I sincerely thank all the board members and all the magnificent volunteers, the real motor of this event. I also enjoyed the success of yesterday's Mini Nove Colli - Sportful. Every year it gets bigger and bigger, more beautiful, more engaging. Seeing almost 1000 people, children and parents, was an immense joy. I dream of a Mini Nine Colli with 12,000 children."