Since 1971

a story about passion

  1. 1971
    The first Nove Colli
    Friends and a great passion
    It was 20th May at 5 o’clock in the morning and there were just 17 pioneers at that adventure. The start? It was at the historic location of Bar del Corso, the ancient base of the association. That is where the story begins!
  2. 1996
    The first record of the "manual" era
    The first record of the "manual" era
    At that time there were no electronic chips and controls were carried out manually with a stamp on a sheet. For the first time an event hosted more than 10.000 people.
  3. 2010
    the first 40 years
    This is the 40th year of this event and the limited number of the cyclists enrolled is 12.000. The Giro d'Italia will celebrate it participating in the final part of the route.
  4. 2015
    Registrations in record time
    12.000 race numbers sold in 4 minutes
    The digital era is taking over: all race numbers of the 46th edition were sold in just four minutes. The Nove Colli beats every record.
  5. 2016
    Looking at the future
    News rule the roost
    The Nove Colli is projecting into the digital age looking towards the future. Systems are constantly changing and the event has become global, but passion remains the same.
  6. 2021
    50th International Granfondo Nove Colli
    23rd May 2021
  7. 2024
    53rd International Granfondo Nove Colli
    May 19, 2024

A.S.D Fausto Coppi


"Fausto Coppi" group of cyclotourism was founded in 1965, although the first affiliate dates back to May 1966.

Historic base

Historic meeting place of this group of friends: Bar del Corso, located in the famous harbor of Cesenatico designed by Leonardo da Vinci.


Gaetano Fresh, Tarcisio Pedulli, Vito Pagan, Gianfranco Casali, Guerrino Ciani, John Berlati, Domenico Razzani and Gianpietro Stignani. At a table in Bar del Corso, some friends and bike lovers decided that it was time to create an organized group of cyclists, which would have become a flag and, most importantly, would be inspired by loyalty and fair play principles. That was the time when they decided to call the group "Fausto Coppi", in honor of the athlete that was loyal and perfect in the competition field and that died a few years earlier (02.01.1960).