18 May 2025
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07 May 2024
Race Pack Collection Form 2024
Race bib check at Plazzo del Turismo Cesenatico (Via Roma 112) - race pack gadget collection at Nove Colli Village, Piazzale Andrea Costa in Cesenatico, Thursday 16/05 from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM - Friday 17/05 and Saturday 18/05 from 9:00 AM to 10: ...
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A mix of beauty, from the sea to the hills
great landscapes and challanges

200 km
difference in altitude 3880 m
A sportive that will put any athlete, even the most prepared one, to the test and that will certainly make you live unforgettable moments
130 km
difference in altitude 1871 m
It is suitable for cyclists of all ages, but preparation is necessary
60 km
difference in altitude 650 m
Laltro percorso is not just a route and it is not just a start and a finish line but a real new way of experiencing the race
The race:
An event that can involve thousands
of fans and beyond
At dawn, at the famous canal harbor
Breathtaking landscapes
A suggestive and ancient seaport
Mini Nove Colli
cyclotourist ride for kids
Open to everyone at the end of the race
Since 1971
a story about passion
  1. The first Nove Colli
    Friends and a great passion
  2. Over 10.000 participants
    The first record of the "manual" era
  3. the first 40 years
  4. Registrations in record time
    12.000 race numbers sold in 4 minutes
  5. Looking at the future
    News rule the roost
  6. 50th International Granfondo Nove Colli
    23rd May 2021
  7. 53rd International Granfondo Nove Colli
    May 19, 2024
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Davide Cassani’s Nove Colli:

The most important and thrilling GF event of them all. So says CT!

Davide Cassani and Nove Colli: a conversation o ering plenty of advice, anecdotes, and inspiration for the world’s greatest GF event, a classic event that everyone who practices the sport ought to attempt at least once in a lifetime.Cassani is not only the CT of the national team – supported by Enervit in the role of o cial supplier since last year, benetting from the Italian company’s many years of experience in nutritional supplementation for athletes and functional nutrition – he is one of us: an athlete who loves endurance sports, rides his bike and faces new challenges out of passion and for his own personal satisfaction. Along with Olympic marathon runner Stefano Baldini, and Linus, he appears on Radio DJ at noon every Sunday on the DeeJay Training Center programme, where you can hear his advice and "secrets" in a broadcast for people who practice sports. Keeping up to date on training and on professional and amateur cycling techniques is his job, along with a focus on preparation, equipment and nutritional supplementation for athletes"
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Nove Colli Quotes:
Words, experiences and emotions of those who
took part in this fantastic cyclosportive
"The Nove Colli is a reference point for all cyclosportives at an international level"
I often hear many of my cyclist friends talking about it and I would love the "Granfondo Vincenzo Nibali" to reach the same level of participation one day.
"The Nove Colli has a unique history and charm which is well-known all over the world thanks to its 47 editions"
Starting the race at dawn with 12,000 fellow cyclists is priceless. One day I hope I'll be at the start to enjoy the warmth of the people from Romagna
"The true soul of cycling is cyclotourism"
Nove Colli is a must for sport people. Cycling is great and if you do it with 12.000 friends by your side it is amazing
"The Granfondo Nove Colli is an inspiration for every cyclist."
I want to take part in it as soon as possible and live this exciting experience that everyone is talking about. By the way, I feel close to this world because it's a few years since I have been organizing my marathon in Andorra, which is called "The Purito". I hope that someday it will be as successful as the Nove Colli
"The Nove Colli is really famous in Germany, I heard so many good things about it"
Unfortunately I haven't been able to join yet because of some plans I had in May like the Giro d'Italia and the Tour of California. However, I hope I'll have soon the chance to be part of the 12.000 participants in the future