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30 May 2019

Nove Colli #BeGreen: Organiser disqualifies 10

The organisation of the Nove Colli Grandfondo disqualified 10 cyclists following the reports received from the Environmental Guards and footage seen in video surveillance systems. They were seen throwing waste outside the pre-established eco-zones.

As per the Race Regulations, section 28.3, the guilty participants have been disqualified from the 2019 edition and will not be able to take part in 2020.

"We have carefully analysed the videos available and we have disqualified those who voluntarily threw waste out of the ecozone," says President Alessandro Spada.
"I must say that I was expecting a lot more offensives; evidently the reports before and during the event made an impact. I'd also like to think that civil education of cyclists is improving. In any case, we will continue our fight until we have a completely Green Nove Colli."