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28 September 2021

The numbers of Nove Colli in its fiftieth year

The over 1000 volunteers engaged in the race weekend are the great wealth of Fausto Coppi who again this year made Cesenatico the center of Italian and European cycle tourism
For the Nove Colli it is time to sum-up after at 19 o'clock on Sunday evening Alessandro Borgonovo from Bollate last crossed the finish line in Viale Carducci: the spotlight went out on the fiftieth edition of the queen of the Granfondo, disputed for the first time in September.
The numbers
1200 volunteers were committed to running the entire organizational machine supported by the experience of Fausto Coppi who this year managed to welcome 9013 starters. The riders who crossed the finish line were 8076 of which 2756 tackled the long route while 5320 were “satisfied” with the 130km version of the Nove Colli. On the other hand, 440 are disqualified (between route-cuts and voluntary pollution outside green areas). Almost 500 instead of those who did not complete the test for various reasons.
There were 12 traffic police vehicles used as an escort with 49 motorcycles serving the race. 34 dedicated to the escort service helping the Police plus another 15 used for various services such as transport, jury, radio race, television images and service for photographers. In addition to the central health service to coordinate the operations there were 18 ambulances on the route plus 5 ready for transport, 13 scooters with nurse drivers on board and 12 doctors ready to intervene. There were 110 interventions by the Red Cross.
The words of Andrea Agostini, President Fausto Coppi
"It is my first Nove Colli as president and it was a great emotion: for the many volunteers who worked day and night, for the cyclists who trusted us in an unexpected way and number and for Cesenatico and Romagna which are the perfect setting for this race that is our dream. When I see and think of the nine hills we face, I don't just see a bicycle Sunday but I see a company and an entire movement. Fausto Coppi is a company that is active all year round and has a youth sector that it looks after and that it would like to expand even more in recent years by trying to intensify its activity. The Nove Colli is our Sunday of celebration but we build it throughout the year and throughout the year we take the driving force for the children and young people who wear our uniform ", commented Andrea Agostini.