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10 May 2024

Among the 6,350 participants in the Nove Colli, 15% come from abroad

All continents are represented, with participants from 44 nations

6,350 participants are about to arrive in Cesenatico for Nove Colli, participations enhanced by the presence of 15% foreign registrants (953) out of the total participants. This representation figure once again confirms the recognizability, prestige, and international value of the Nove Colli. Among the registrants, all five continents are represented, with cyclists coming from 44 different nations including Italy. The most represented nations—after Italy, of course—are once again Germany and Switzerland.

In the women's Nove Colli, there are 446 participants, reaching 7% of the total participants. Excellent the participation in the Gravel circuit with 200 registrations received, while 115 cyclists will tackle laltro percorso, the softer version of the Nove Colli.


The words of President Giunio Bonoli:

"We find ourselves organizing what is effectively the second Nove Colli in nine months after the postponement to September due to the flood, and this requires a great effort from everyone, so first and foremost I want to thank all our volunteers. We have reached a registration quota that we consider excellent given the historical period we are going through. The start and the entire day will be a great spectacle, and the Nove Colli will once again fill Romagna with bicycles," said Giunio Bonoli.