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24 September 2023

Manuel Senni takes the victory in the 52nd edition of the Nove Colli

German cyclist Monika Dietl becomes the first woman to conquer the 170km race, while Ettore Carlini emerges victorious in the men's 130km event, and Alessia Bortoli secures the win in the women's 130km category


There was a great rain on the climbs of the Nove Colli, with clouds and wind accompanying the riders for a significant portion of the course, particularly until mid-morning. The battle at the front positions evoked the atmosphere of a major Northern classic, with the Romagnolo spirit making it even more special. Manuel Senni added his artistic touch by winning the 170km race on his own. It had been since 1994, with Claudio Savini, that a cyclist from Cesenatico hadn't won the "long" version of the Nove Colli. For Senni, a former professional originally from Sala, this achievement had eluded him in the granfondo races, and it can be said that he has fulfilled a dream. Among the women, there was an outstanding performance from German cyclist Monika Dietl, who triumphed in the 170km race after finishing third last year.

In the men's 130km race, Ettore Carlini emerged as the victor – a former Under 23 rider from Abruzzo. He arrived at the finish line with his arms raised in solitude after animating one of the early breakaways and choosing the final kilometers for a decisive attack. A quarter of an hour later, it was Alessia Bortoli's turn, who won by a narrow margin over Olga Cappiello.


Words from the winners:

"I am extremely happy about this victory. On the course, I met many people waiting to greet me, and that gave me the motivation. Under the Barbotto climb, they had told me that the breakaway was ahead by 4 minutes, and honestly, I was discouraged. I pedaled at my own pace, pushed myself, and slowly but surely, I gained ground. On the Grillo climb, I went solo after catching up with everyone," commented Manuel Senni, winner of the 170km race.

"The race was extremely tough, and honestly, I didn't even believe I had won. It's a tremendous satisfaction and a great emotion to win a race like this," said Monika Dietl.

"Last year, I managed to finish second in the long race. This year, in June, I had an injury, so I decided to try the short course, and things went well. Winning the Nove Colli is an indescribable emotion," said Ettore Carlini, winner of the 130km race.

"I began to believe I could win once I reached the Barbotto climb. I believed in it from that point, and I am very happy that I succeeded. I practically won in a sprint finish, and it's a great satisfaction," commented Alessia Bortoli, winner of the 130km race.


Race Results:

130 km:

Ettore Carlini (03:28:56) Angelo Martorelli (03:29:03) Fabio Orcame (03:29:03)

Alessia Bortoli (03:43:46) Olga Cappiello (03:44:12) Giulia Medri (03:47:49)

170 km:

Manuel Senni (04:33:10) Luca Chiesa (04:36:12) Luca Raggio (04:39:39)

Monika Dietl (05:24:29) Sonia Passuti (05:31:54) Elisa Benedet (05:37:48)