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15 May 2024

The Pasta Party at Nove Colli will be branded by Marè

Great news for all enthusiasts who will be able to enjoy dishes specially prepared by chef Omar Casali at the finish line

No Granfondo has a pasta party like this, and one of the most iconic moments of Nove Colli becomes even more special this year because the dishes for the enthusiasts who reach the finish line will be created and prepared by the team from Marè in Cesenatico, personally led by chef Omar Casali. The work of a group of excellent professionals will be enhanced by the help of the boys and girls from the hospitality school of Cervia.

Marè is one of the most renowned beach establishments in Cesenatico, with its scenic location overlooking the East Pier. Over the years, it has established itself as a prestigious restaurant, even opening a branch on the Navigli in Milan. Omar Casali has led the team for years, and the venue is a point of reference for the entire area.

"Engaging in this new adventure represents a great responsibility for us." Explains Omar Casali, "Nove Colli is a brand that gives prestige to Cesenatico, and we are proud to be a part of it. The menu we have devised has been designed to tell the story of our territory, with the traditional piadina and fish caught on our coast taking center stage. Taste, yes, but also consideration for the athletes who will need to replenish their energy after a great effort. There will also be vegetarian and vegan dishes to meet every type of need and dietary choice."