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08 December 2022

From tradition to the future: here is the new look for Nove Colli 2023!

In addition to an image dedicated to the 2023 edition, the historic logo of the race also carries some new features

The news in view of the 2023 edition of the Nove Colli does not stop and an image dedicated to the race on May 21 is unveiled. From the tradition of Cesenatico, from the mountains and hills rich in cycling, to the future with a race that always remembers its origins. The chosen image follows that of a subway route where Cesenatico centers as the main stop. Around the departure and arrival point, the three routes of 2023, even more beautiful, more inclusive and always fascinating.

The Nove Colli wants to underline the fact that having so many routes – three for 2023 – does not represent a division. Instead, it's a great union that the Fausto Coppi Club is sharing with an ever increasing number of enthusiasts.

Even the "historic" Nove Colli logo - the one that never changes, so to speak - sees some new features with the payoff written in Romagna dialect and in English to be even more recognisable. The sentence is circular and has the task of conveying a message but also the function of framing the graphics. The Nove Colli lettering becomes a single word, thus usable in a simpler way and also freed from the logo, intersecting the routes with sense and significance.