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09 February 2024

Nove Colli 2024 returns to its traditional Routes

The organization, together with local administrations, will - after last May's flood - manage to bring cyclists back to the iconic roads of the Granfondo


Nove Colli 2024 is approaching, and it comes with great news because it is now official: a return to its most iconic roads after the route changes of the 2023 edition dictated by the damage caused by last May's flood. It has been months of work, technical meetings, and effort on the part of Fausto Coppi together with the various local administrations involved in a race that is also a celebration for the whole of Romagna. Thus, we return to the "original" route with charm and tradition taking center stage on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

The Routes

The so-called "long" route covers a total of 194 km with an elevation gain of 3880 meters. It starts from the seafront of Cesenatico to tackle the traditional nine hills: Polenta, Pieve di Rivoschio, Ciola, Barbotto, Montetiffi, Perticara, Pugliano, Passo delle Siepi, and Sogliano before returning to Cesenatico.

The so-called "medium" route in the first part will be similar to the long one up to the junction between the two routes located at km 95 after the Barbotto climb.

"Laltro percorso"- a beautiful novelty of the 2023 edition - confirms its friendly distance of 60 km with an elevation gain of 650 meters and passages from the Castle of Ribano, Sogliano, Savignano, and the descent of Cioca with the 18 hairpin turns that have made it known to all as the "Little Stelvio".