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28 April 2022

Nove Colli in less than one month, 9.017 riders registered

On 22 May, the queen of the Granfondo is scheduled with 46 nations represented


 9017 amateurs are enrolled for the event on May 22, the 51st edition that returns to its usual location after the move to September last year. Italians dominate with 8059 "locals" and 958 foreigners. 46 nations will be represented, with 271 German athletes, 238 Swiss riders and 104 Austrians. The famous granfondo also attracted cyclists from Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India, Chile and Bolivia. Two Ukrainians are also registered.


Of the entrants, 8211 are men and 806 are women with Angelo Cogliati from Lainate who will be the oldest at 84 years old, while Alessandro Damonte at 17 is the youngest member.


"We come out, even if not yet entirely, from two years of pandemic and we find ourselves with a war that unfortunately takes place near us to the north," Andrea Agostini, President Fausto Coppi said.

"9017 riders enrolled in the Nove Colli, a good number, the best we could expect in a period like this. We find ourselves living in a world that has changed its models and paradigms, and we cannot think of making comparisons with 2019 or with the last edition, we have to get used to the mentality that has changed. Regardless, the whole organizational machine, with our volunteers, is at work to organize a great party for Cesenatico."