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14 January 2024

“Et voilà”: in 2024, even the Nove Colli jersey is tinged with yellow

The official Gobik-branded uniform for the 2024 edition, which pays homage to the passage of the Tour de France in Cesenatico, has been unveiled.


Nove Colli pays tribute to the Tour de France, which in 2024 sees its second stage starting from Cesenatico, and does so in the most authentic and original way possible. "Et voilà": the official Gobik jersey for the 2024 Granfondo arrives with yellow sleeves to honor the Grand Boucle. A unisex short-sleeved jersey, functional and versatile, distinguished by its lightness and ideal for every type of user and body shape.

The jersey is composed of three ECO-classified fabrics because the polyester used in its manufacturing is recycled. These fabrics have been strategically positioned to achieve a final garment that meets the cyclist's performance needs. Its maximum lightness allows for overall comfort as well as great aerodynamics. For the front and sides, an ultralight and breathable fabric has been used to facilitate moisture evacuation. As for the construction of the sleeves, a laser-cut smooth fabric has been chosen, softening the comfort and aerodynamics of the garment. Finally, for the back, a slightly stiffer linear mesh fabric has been used, which, in addition to being highly breathable, helps direct the airflow to always facilitate aerodynamics. At the waist, the garment is finished with a soft silicone elastic, personalized with the event logo, helping to keep the garment in place during physical activity.