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10 November 2022


A free program of 21 workouts to get ready for the next Nove Colli


Nove Colli is not just a one-day race but an experience that begins much earlier with training, sharing, waiting: for this reason it is already time to prepare for the 2023 edition - with the three routes of 60km, 130km and 200km - thanks to a training program by Elite and available on My E-Training.

A gift for enthusiasts, a program designed specifically for all those who want to compete on the climbs of Romagna.



November is the time to recharge our body and compensate for the efforts of the summer season: we call it recovery.

However, we know that maintaining fitness and training load capacity are two fundamental aspects of winter preparation, which are needed to build the same foundation that allows us to withstand the cycling effort during spring.

This is why we, along with our friends from Elite, have put in the hard work to help you keep your motivation high during the winter with the Road to Nove Colli: a complete, ready-to-use training plan for My E-Training subscribers, aimed towards structuring your winter training so you can prepare for the most important Granfondo in Italy.



The Road to Nove Colli training sessions will be available from November 10th to all those who own an Elite trainer with an active subscription to My E-Training. The program consists of 21 sessions based on FTP, time and cadence.

If you already know it, enter your FTP-60 value or the maximum power you can sustain in 60 minutes, or simply measure it directly on the app. This way, the app can automatically customize your sessions based on your FTP.



Behind this training program, there is the study of the elevation profile of the nine hills of Cesenatico which govern this race, with their mix of flat segments, false flats and steep climbs.

The goal is to prepare you for the Nove Colli through a series of training sessions designed to improve aerobic enduranceFTP and aerobic power, the three essential skills that will allow you to meet the demands of this race.

Of the skills to work on, stamina plays a leading role, without neglecting the muscle strength training necessary to put the right amount of effort in the uphill stretches where the slope exceeds 10-12%, up to 16-18% peaks such as on the Barbotto, Monte Tiffi and Sogliano.



The Road to Nove Colli workouts will be available free of charge for all those who own an Elite trainer and have an active subscription to My E-Training.

The simple training charts can be downloaded in PDF at this link:

In order to complete the workouts correctly, you must take the FTP percentage test before starting the program and at the end of each phase, in order to generate custom sessions based on your current status. You can also run the FTP test directly on the app. 

Log in to My E-Training and select “Trainings” from the home screen. You will find the folder under “View all” in the desktop version, and under “Program mode” and “FTP-Time” in the mobile version.

Each workout follows a progressive order of completion, so following the sequence of each session is essential to reap full benefits from the program.

On your home trainer, you can train on the days and at the times that suit you best, in complete autonomy and from the comfort of your own home. We recommend that you train 2 or 3 times a week, alternating one day of training with one or two days of recovery.

If your training takes place right before or after your Sunday outing, schedule an outing that lasts a maximum of 150 minutes, at a medium-low intensity level (averaging between Z2 and Z3). 

An event such as the Nove Colli requires quality training on a home trainer as well as hours of cycling on the road. Take the opportunity to ride outdoors when the weather allows it!

To help you stay motivated for the event during these months, subscribe to our channel on Strava, record your routes and join an entire community of cyclists who are always moving.