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05 November 2022

The 2023 Nove Colli divides into three: The Routes for the Wednesday, November 9th Click Day

The Nove Colli atmosphere begins to breathe and on Wednesday November 9th at 10 am, the click day will begin to register for the queen of the Granfondos.

Registration will remain open until the limit of 10,000 riders is reached. The 2023 edition of the race will be historic in its own way, especially as regards the routes: charm and tradition intact but a new touch to meet the taste of enthusiasts even more. In fact, for the first time in history, a third 60km route called "Laltro Path" was added to enjoy the race in yet another way. Also news regarding the medium route and for the long route with some changes in the final part of both, towards Cesenatico. From today, all climbing meters of the routes are available.


The long route changes

The new look of the so-called “long” route runs 194 km and climbs 3880 meters. Much of the road that the participants will take will be the traditional route, but at the end of the race, we will see many new features. The first is after the ascent of the Barbotto with the "new" descent to the Ville di Montetiffi that will bring the riders in front of a group of houses surrounded by greenery, from where you can see in the distance the Benedictine Abbey at the top of the Montetiffi climb. The most substantial difference comes with the last climb that will no longer be Gorolo, replaced by the ascent of Sogliano and the consequent descent of the Cioca: 4 kilometers of ascent with an average gradient of around 5% then down to the Cioca with 18 hairpin bends in one of the most beautiful slopes of Romagna. The final will also see substantial changes towards Cesenatico in view of the finish line. The riders will descend downstream towards Fiumicino following the historic river up to the gates of Cesenatico.


The changes of the medium route

The "medium" route will remain unchanged in terms of climbs, but will change at the junction between the two routes, at km 95 after the Barbotto climb, and in the last 30 kilometers, where the descent and approach to Cesenatico will follow that of the long route.


Laltro percorso

The departure remains from Cesenatico. The Group will then head to the village of Sala before Santangelo and Gatteo and arriving in Savignano sul Rubicone in front of the Ribano Castle. Cyclists will have to deal with a little climb enjoying the view before reaching Borghi and continuing to Sogliano where there will be a refreshment point with local goods. 

From the fuel station, the participants will head down the descent of the Cioca with its famous 18 hairpin bends – AKA the "Piccolo Stelvio". Crossing the Rubicone River, the return home will begin, passing through Savignano again before Gatteo, Fiumicino and arriving in Cesenatico on the same finish as the classic Nove Colli.

The total distance is 60km with 650 meters of climbing and a maximum altitude of 360 meters.