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13 March 2021

The Nove Colli granfondo postponed To September 26

A tailor-made health protocol will mark the 50th edition

Given the general health situation in Italy and the world, the organizing committee of the granfondo  Nove Colli has taken the decision to postpone the 50th edition until September 26, 2021.

It was a reasonable decision given all the work that is needed to create a safe event and one that should be recognized for its global standing.

“We live in a complicated period,” says the president of the event Andrea Agostini“where decisions, even the most trivial, take on complicated implications. Ours is not a cycling event, but a highly celebrated social gathering, and for this reason the main goal is to run the granfondo in the safest way possible.
In September, we should have a good number of people vaccinated, but despite this, we are preparing a health protocol of the highest level that involves a great human and, above all, economic effort.
I am sure that the cyclists, who we are asking to make small adjustments for these reasons, will appreciate the efforts that the organization is making. The hope is that we will finally start again".

In the next few days, we will publish a FAQ section on the official website with answers in regards to the 50th Nove Colli.