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21 May 2022

The Nove Colli is confirmed as a green race

The Granfondo is confirmed as an Ecoevents certified sustainable event, this year also all the medals are made with recycled wood


The Nove Colli is a "green" and sustainable race not only in intentions and communication but the concrete commitment of recent years has found its landing in the official certification of Ecoevent, official partner of Legambiente.

This was the case for the 2021 edition and confirmation has also arrived with regard to the one scheduled for May 22, 2022: the most important novelty is the award medals that will be made of recycled wood.

Obviously, the 2021 commitments remain confirmed with the elimination of plastic in all race packages, the reduced consumption of paper, the use of zero-kilometer products for the pasta party. The big party upon arrival confirms the presence of compostable plates, glasses and cutlery and water dispensers that replace the classic bottles. New this year, there will be two entrances to the Pasta Party in order to clear the queues faster.


Nove Colli and Ecoevents began their journey together in September 2020 and the relationship is progressing in an increasingly fruitful way within an increasingly green process, also being able to count on the support of Legambiente