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18 May 2022

The Nove Colli refreshment points: seven oases that all cyclists can't wait to reach

Animated by volunteers, the refueling points have become an institution and make the Granfondo even more special, in each one also a corner dedicated to celiac participants.


On the Nove Colli route there are seven oases that not only support all participants in the effort of the climbs but are real parties and represent an institution.

The refreshments represent a unique stylistic code of the Granfondo and every year they come alive with party, stories, sweat and joy. The organization has already been working for some time to set up the refueling points of Fratta, Pieve di Rivoschio, Stringara, Perticara, Monte Pugliano, Passo del Grillo and Gorolo.

In addition to the more classic products such as tarts, fruit juices, coffee, tea and mineral salts, Fausto Coppi has already ordered and booked 300 pans of pizza, flattened and apple tarts which will be sorted at various points along the route. But that's not all because the soul of the refreshment points is all in the volunteers who have been managing and sending them for years: there are those who wash and cut kilos and kilos of strawberries, those who prepare the piadina, those who cook the pasta.

This year, a small DJ-set will even be set up in Perticara to cheer the participants not only with food and drinks but also with music. Folklore and warmth but also great attention given that for years a dedicated corner with gluten-free products for celiac runners has been provided for years.