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07 November 2017

The Nove Colli – Selle Italia is sold out: the first one comes from Sweden

It’s a Swedish the first participant at the Nove Colli – Selle Italia 2018. His name is Niclas From, 52 years old, from Taeby, a city next to Stockholm. Behind him, in just 3 minutes and 25 second, 9.999 cyclists have been the fastest to guarantee themselves the participation at the 48th edition of the Nove Colli – Selle Italia on the next 20th of May. Just 9 seconds more than the 2016 edition to assign 1.000 extras entries. 

“Every time is a challenge for all of us who hardly work for this event all year long” president Alessandro Spada says “as always I want to congratulate to the whole staff, but most of all to the event’s Board that just for pure passion, give all its energies for an event that, we don’t have to hide it, has become a mass-event more than a sport one. Appointment for everyone at dawn of May the 20th 2018”

We remind you that there are two more opportunities to get an entry: the starting bibs+ hotel option form 10am on November 22, or enrolling in the waiting list starting from January 15, from where the organizers will draw on in case of waivers and cancellations.