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02 September 2021



  • Date: 26 September 2021
  • Start: ore 7:00, in line from 6:00
  • Close Sogliano’s gate (crossroad for medium/long route): 12:45
  • Maximum time: 12 hours (end at 19:00)


Self-declaration Form and Health Protocol NC50:


Card check and race pack collection:

  • At: Municipal Stadium in Cesenatico
  • When: from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25, open all day 9:00-20:00
  • Note: both for individual and cumulative registrations, it is mandatory to print or download on smartphone/tablet the race pack collection document from the website to be presented in order to receive the necessary material for the race. The procedure for printing/downloading this document can only be performed by the holder of the pre-registration, using the "Username" and "Password" used at the time of registration, in the Login area. Groups that have made a single cumulative registration must collect the race packet of all the members (the representative person must however show up with the signed self-certifications of all the members with the related identity documents photocopied and stapled for each related document), not packages will be delivered individually. Third party withdrawals are accepted only upon presentation of the aforementioned document. The race number and the chip are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to third parties, under penalty of immediate exclusion from the event and disqualification for the following year. Participants without a bib number and/or with another person's bib have no insurance coverage and may be legally punished in the event of an accident.

We remind you that the bib exchange is a criminal offense.


Collateral events:

  • Nove Colli Bike Village: at the Municipal Stadium in Cesenatico, Thursday 23, Friday 24 and Saturday 25 September, all day long from 9:00 to 20:00.
  • Mini Nove Colli: Saturday 25 September, meeting at 14:00 at Colonia Agip - Viale Carducci, Cesenatico.
  • Loyalty Award: the members who reach the 10th, 20th and 25th participation this year will receive a recognition that will be delivered together with the technical envelope where the withdrawal methods will be indicated; while for those who reach the 15th participation (Gold Medal Award), the award will be given on Saturday 25 September at 17:00 at the Nove Colli Bike Village, along with the Teams Awards. The names of those entitled to the award ceremony must be communicated upon registration. The winners of previous years are excluded.
  • Teams Awards: prize to the teams with at least 30 members, with delivery of the award on Saturday 25 September at 17:00 at the Nove Colli Bike Village. Clubs with between 20 and 29 members will receive an award that will be delivered together with the race package.


Safety protocol:

  • All participants must download, fill in, sign and hand over the Covid-19 self-declaration form attached, also presenting a printed valid copy of their identity document. Documents sent via email will not be accepted.
  • During the whole event, the participants must follow this Health Protocol


For all other informations, please refer to the regulations and informations on the website